A Study of Yuanshi Leibian

Siu-keung Wong


     Yuanshi Leibian, written by Shao Yuanping, was one of the numerous works aimed at revising and supplementing the Yuanshi, probably the worst of the twenty-four official dynasty histories. Leibian is composed of two parts, namely the annals and the biographies. The personalities treated in these parts are classified into different categories; hence the title of the work: Leibian (Records classified)

      This paper aims at the study of the lives of Shao Yuanping and his ancestor Shao Jingbang, the latter being literati and historian of the Ming dynasty. The motives of the author, the characteristics as well as the stylistic rules and layout of the work are of course, as the title of this paper suggests, the main objectives of the paper.


Yuanshi, Yuanshi leibian, Hongjianlu, Xu Hongjianlu, Shao Yuanping, Shao Jingbang.