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Update on March 14, 2008


@@Soochow University School offers a five-year Bachelor of Law degree program combining both the domestic law curriculum and the Anglo-American law curriculum.Compared to other law schools in Taiwan, Soochow University School of Law provides students an opportunity to receive diverse legal education and career planning for the purpose od helping each student to live a color life.
@@ Through comprehensive courses taught by the most outstanding and experienced faculty in the nation, Soochow University School of Law strives to teach its students lawyering skills and to train students of competence and conscience necessary in the practice of law. Because Soochow University School of Law places a special concern for each law student, it provides individual counseling to help its students to prepare for diverse challenges ahead in the field of law in accordance with their interests. Soochow University School of Law is a caring family to all its students.

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Master of Laws
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