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Update on April 21, 2004

Law Library

@@The law library collection consists of 23,324 volumes in Chinese language and 23,606 volumes in foreign languages. The law library's extensive collection devotes particular attention to Anglo-American Law. The collection in Anglo-American Law is the largest among all law schools in Taiwan. The periodical collection consists of 84 Chinese language legal periodicals and 136 legal periodicals in foreign languages. In addition to statutes, treaties and periodicals of domestic law, the permanent collection consists of statutes and treaties of many foreign countries including civil law countries (China, Japan, German and France), Anglo-American law countries (England and the United States), and several countries from the European Union.

@@In the area of U.S. law, the law library has purchased a whole set of United States Code,theSupreme Court Report, Uniform Commercial Code and other different subjects of Model Code. Westlaw and Lexis-Nexus are readilyavailable to all law students and professors for legal research on Anglo-American Law. In the area of international law, the law library has purchased the International Law Report. In addition, the law library has engaged in the campus network that allows students access to other libraries in theuniversity for searching books and materials notavailable in the law library. The law library also provides search index of books and materials in CD and on microform. The law library is in the process of engaging in the on-line interlibrary network which gives students access to other library collections around the world.