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   Social Work was part of Department of Sociology from 1978 to 1990.  In order to enrich the social work professional education, the Department of Social Work was established in 1990.  There are about 550 undergraduate students.  The main task is to provide a learning environment for students to be professional social workers.

   The graduate program of social work started in 1992, it had been a field of graduate program of sociology since 1981.  There are about 65 graduate students.  The goal of this program is to train advanced clinical social workers with diverse perspectives, policy planners, administrators, and social work researchers to perform leadership roles in their fields.

The staff and faculty of the department are involved with practice, community, and social movement, they play the leading roles in social work profession in Taiwan.  In addition, the program is affiliated with the George Warren Brown of Social Work at Washington University in United States from 1997.

Moreover, the program is concerned with family work and oppression populations in community, for example, adolescence, women, children, elderly and aboriginals in communities. 

                      The Programs

BSW Program

    The courses of BSW are designed for multiple purposes, and divided into three fields: family, health, and social welfare policy.  The issues of family policy and family services are the major concerns.  The freshman and sophomore students are required to take certain basic courses.  The junior and senior students have an option of one of those three fields.  Multiple teaching methods were employed, including lectures, group discussion, role-play, field visiting, field practicumm, etc.  Diversity is the major characteristic; issues of gender, race, class, and oppression are integrated throughout the curriculum.  The faculty members of the department are flexible and warm.  The main task is to help students to integrate social work theories and practice.  In order to prepare students for appropriate professional ability after graduation, they are expected to integrate social work theories and practice.

An Interview Opportunity for aboriginal Taiwanese  

The program provides an interview opportunity for aboriginal Taiwanese students to study social work , they don’t need to pass the national entrance exams to study the undergraduate program.  They are expected to go back their own communities to help their people.

MSW Program

    The courses in MSW are divided into three major fields; they are Family and Private Practice, Social Administration, as well as Cultural Diversity and The Priority areas of Welfare.  Those three fields are different in terms of required as well as elective courses.  The graduate students can have an option between these three fields.  The courses can provide them to advance their concepts of social work.

    Graduate students may join an exchange program in the George Warren Brown of Social Work at Washington University in United States for credits, or to study another year at Washington University after graduation for MSW degree from there. Graduates who apply for the Ph.D. program at Washington University will be in favor for tuition waived, other available assistantships and scholarships.

                                      The Courses

Ⅰ.Undergraduate Program of Social Work

A. Required  Courses
Psychology Introduction to Social Work Social Service-Learning
Sociology The Introduction of Philosophy The Interpersonal Relationship and Communication
Social Psychology Human Behavior and Social Environment Social Work Practicum(1)
Social Casework Social Problems Social Statistics
Socail Group Work Group Power Community Organization and Development
Social Work Research Social Policy and Social Administration Social Welfare Administration
Social Work Practicum(2) Data Processing for Social Work Political Science
Economics Application of Computer Packages for Statistical Analysis The Seminar on Labor Problem
Environmental Psychology Leisure and Social Work The Theory and Practice of Case Management
Marketing Research Thesis Voluntarism and Volunteer Management
Social Work Practicum(3)    
B. Selective  Courses
 Couple and Family Therapy Career Development and Planning The Development of Children and Youth
Child Welfare Service Juvenile Delinquency and Probation Work The Introduction of Family Relation and Dynamic
Aging Social Services Social Work with Children Child Protective Service
Social Work and Maternal and Child Health Social Service with Adolescent Family System Theory
Family Law Social Work with Family Domestic Violence and Social Work Practice
Child Play Therapy Clinical Method of Social Work Women Welfare Service
School Social Work The Introduction of Psychotherapy Theories Death and Hospice Social Work
The Skills of Helping Interview Disability Welfare and Social Work Social Work and Public Health
Psychiatric Social Work Medical Social Work Medical Sociology
Abnormal Psychology The Prevention of Substance Abuse Emotion Theories and Emotion Regulations
Group Counseling The Problem and Measure to the Aged The Development and Utilization of Social
Social Marketing and Fund-raising Program Management and Practice Law and Social Work
Significant Persons and Masterpieces in Social Work Social Insurance Social Welfare Program and Evaluation
Theories of Social Welfare Seminar of National Health Insurance and National Pension Insurance Poverty and Public Assistance
Comparative Social Policy Seminar on Current Issues in Social Work Social Work Supervision
Social Work Practice Management of Human Service Organization Social Care
Seminar of Social Welfare Privatization Seminar of Community-oriented Social Welfare Seminar on Social Welfare
Administration and Welfare on Employees    


Ⅱ.Graduate program of social work


A. Required  Courses
Social Work Theory Social Welfare Theories and Practices Personality, Culture and Taiwan Society
Introduction to Clinical Methods of Social Work Social Policy Research Methods for Social Work
Researches on Social Work of Taiwan Natives Qualitive Research in Social Work Social Work Field Practicum(1)
Social Work Field Practicum(2) Theses  
B. Selective  Courses
Philosophical Foundations and Ethical Issues in Social Work Advanced Casework Advanced Social Group Work
Community Organization and Development Seminar on Children Welfare Seminar on Youth Welfare
Seminar on Women Welfare Seminar on Aging Welfare Seminar on Medical Social Work
Family-Center Intervention Strategic Approach in Family Therapy Management of Human Service Organizations
Deversity and Difference Social Work of SupervisionParent Education and Social Work
The Seminars on Private Practice Family PolicySeminar on Single-Parent Families
Seminar on Single-parent Families Social Welfare EconomicsSocial Welfare Services of Taiwan Natives
Disaster Practice and Research in Social Work Evaluation Practices of the Programs for Disadvantaged CommunitiesWomen and Social Policy
Community Work for Disadvantaged Communities Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis for SPSS 

The Faculty




Li-Li Mo

associate professor&


medical social work, social work with family, women welfare

James C.Hsu


community organization and community development,

philosophy and ethical issues in social work, social problems

Hou-Sheng Chan visiting

Hsiu-Fen Hsieh


family policy, social work with women studies

Kuo-Ying Lo


psychometrics, social psychology

Yueh-Ching Chou


disability welfare & social work, social work working with

 family community care, intervention research.

Ming-Cheng Lee

associate professor

social welfare theory, 

social work with aborgines

Chiao-Yun Yu

associate professor

social casework, children and family social work,

family education 

Shane Wang

associate professor

family therapy, the skills of helping interview, 

the gender in family issues

Pi-Hua Chao

associate professor

adolescence and youth welfare services, social statistics &

 research a method for social work, management in social

 services agency, social policy and administration. 

Hann-Jong Chueh

associate professor

Youth service,

Program evaluation

Shu-Jung Li

associate professor

Family policy,

Mental health

Tsung-Chieh Ma

associate professor

child play therapy, child development, child welfare, diversity

Leang-Yang Lai associate professor social welfare policies, social work administration, 

social insurance, welfare state development, 

community-oriented social services, social welfare 

privalization, volunteer services


Hsiu-Mei Chuang

associate professor

sociology of regional welfare, aged people welfare policy, 

social welfare service

Chin-Fen Chang assistant

Hsin-Rei Waun


family therapy, couple therapy, psychiatric social work, 

substance abuse

E-Wai  Li


group dynamic, integration of counseling & Buddism,

 woman empowerment & social work, action research.



    Students who choose our undergraduate program as the first priority in entrance examination and are graded as the top three in their class are qualified for tuition waived for the first semester.  In addition, the average grade above 80 from first semester among these three students are qualified for the tuition waived of the following semester.

    Students who pass the entrance examination of the graduate program and are graded as the top one can be awarded a scholarship for both semesters of the first year.



The majority of our alumni work in diverse social work organizations.  Their studying spirits and professional skills are very appreciated and recognized by these organizations.  They earned the honor and distinction in the leadership positions in diverse organizations around.

Welcome to Department of Social Work Soochow University.

Department of Social Work 
Soochow University 70,
Lin Chi Road,Shihlin
 Taipei, Taiwan,

TEL:886-2-28819471  * 6332~6334 ,   6342

Email: sw@mail.scu.edu.tw


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