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 Introduction to the Department of Philosophy

To our New Friends

    Days are the brightest when one is young. How to explore festival is of great concern to young people. As a science of the ultimate meaning of life, philosophy is a valuable means to employ. Education, through dialogue with ancient wisemen and personal reflection on current philosophical issues, helps to blend into one pursuit for the ultimate concern and academic research.

Brief History

    In 1980, the Department of Philosophy was established on the recommendation of Dr. Twanmu, a former president of Soochow. His belief was that a university is never complete without a department of philosophy. Philosophy is the search for truth, both of the universe and of human existance. This is also the major objective of this department. Hoping that through this quest, it can give meaning to life, point out the way to solve human problems, provide means for a correct value system and that the ideal that philosophy is a living reality is thus realized.
    Professor Ling-Ling Chao was the first chairperson of the department. She was succeeded by Professor Cheng-Ching Sun in 1989 and Professor Jeen-Hung Chen took charge from 1995 to 1998,and Professor Hai-Yen Yeh from 1998 to 2004.Professor Wen-Ruey Chuang is the chair of department from 2004 to date.

Academic Goal

    Our academic program stresses the importance of such course as "History of Chinese Philosophy", "History of Western Philosophy", "Issues in Philosophy", and individual philosophers. Clear and logical thinking as well as creative and independent thinking are emphasized. In lectures, students are encouraged to voice their opinions. Outside of class, study groups are formed to pursue a particular topic with the help of teachers. In this department, students enjoy rapport with the faculty.

Future Prospect and Job Opening Analysis

    For most students, university is the end stage of academic education. After graduation, they go into society. The goal of university education is then twofold: the formation of the human person and the acquisition of basic professional skill. Accordingly, our department sets up the goal of forming future researchers or teachers in the field of philosophy. Those who plan for an academic career, need further Master or Ph.D. degrees. As philosophy provides a solid foundation for theoretical knowledge, it is a great access for those who undertake other field of studies. Our department keeps up an excellent annual record of enrollment into graduate schools. Most students go into the job market after graduation, since they are trained in correct reasoning and clear expression, these are two important and necessary abilities for all kind of professions, if students are willing to re-orient themselves into other professions, their prospect is bright.

Academic Activity

    Knowledge is very important for our department. There is an Academic Committee among the faculty members, responsible for planning and executing academic projects. There is a monthly lecture and periodic conferences. Conferences already held are: Comparison, Communication and Hermeneutics; Knowledge and Power; Culture and Difference; Religion Cross the Century; Theory and Practice. Two conferences for philosophical graduation students were also held by our department. Papers delivered at these conferences were published. In addition, there is an annual publication: "Soochow Journal of Philosophical Studies".
    There are various recreational, academic, athletic activities held every Wednesday afternoon at the 5th and 6th periods. These two hours are reserved for department student association. Students have their own academic conference so that they can learn to do research work.



Faculty Information

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 (Last name, First name)
Highest degree earned Position
(Professor, Associate Professor, other)
Sze-Kwang, Lao
Bachelor Chair Professor Confucianism、Philosophy of Culture、Contemporary Philosophy
Shu-Hsien, Liu
Doctor Chair Professor Confucianism、Philosophy of Culture、Comparative Philosophy
Cheng-Hung, Lin
Doctor Visiting Professor Epistemology、Philosophy of Science、Logic
Po-Wen, Kuo
Doctor Visiting Professor Philosophy of History、Social Philosophy、American Philosophy
Chen-Ching, Sun
Master Research Professor Kant、Epistemology、Metaphysics
Jun-Chung, Chang
Master Professor

 (Emeritus Faculty)

Philosophy of Pre-Chin Dynasty、Philosophy of Sung & Ming Dynasties、Philosophy of Chin Dynasty
Doctor Professor Taoism、Chinese Philosophy、Confucianism
Doctor Professor Methodology、Chinese Logic、The Philosophy of mohist School
Meng-Yao, Peng
Doctor Professor Philosophy of Mind、Epistemology
Doctor Associate Professor Chair of Department Philosophy of Science、Political Philosophy、Epistemology
Jau-Hwa, Chen
Doctor Associate Professor Human Rights、Women's Studies、German Philosophy 
Cristal Huang
Doctor Associate Professor Hermeneutics、Semiotics、Deconstruction
Doctor Associate Professor Phenomenology、Philosophy of Culture、Philosophy of Religion
Doctor Associate Professor Philosophy of Han Dynasties、Philosophy of Wei & Chin Dynasties、Bamboo Silk Document
Ruey Lin,Chen
Doctor Associate Professor Philosophy of Science、Philosophy of Language、History of Science
Chienkuo, Mi
Doctor Assistant Professor Philosophy of Language、Philosophy of Mind、Analytical Philosophy
Doctor Assistant Professor Greek Philosophy、German Philosophy、Political Philosophy