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99.09.28 Prof. Yong Huang:The Self-Centeredness Objection to Virtue Ethics: Zhu Xi’s Neo-Confucian Response
99.09.29 王路老師:是”與“真”──兩種哲學研究的途徑
99.10.13 傅大為老師:知識、權力與台灣的STS實踐
99.11.03 Prof. Cecilia Wee:Descartes’s Ontological Proof of God’s Existence
99.12.15 藤井倫明:朱熹思想的整體結構以及「理」義;侯道儒:程頤的天人感應說
100.01.12 莊錦章:莊子論成心
100.02.23 Prof. Thomas Sukopp:Intercultural Philosophy of Human Rights: Basic concepts and conceptualizations
100.03.02 江怡老師:A Secret in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
100.03.09 王瑩瑩老師:動態語意論
100.05.18 Prof. William Sweet:Migrating Traditions and the Possibility of Intercultural Philosophy
100.06.01 Prof. Tan Sor Hoon:Knowledge and Wisdom in Confucian Good Government
100.06.08 佐藤將之老師、張崑將老師:先秦哲學中的「忠」概念-以佐藤將之新書為討論中心