Resolving North-South Korean Conflicts: A Structural Approach

Chih-Cheng Lo

  This study seeks to search for the international environment conducive to the resolution of conflicts in the Korean peninsula. It will be demonstrated that North-South Korean internations in the past five decades can be accounted for by the theory of structrual balance. This theory advances not only our knowledge of inter-Korean interactions but also regional conflict resolution in general. The findings of this study suggest that a southern policy should proceed in parallel with the Northern policy in order to create a favorable security environment for rapprochement initiatives in the peninsula. The strategy calls for the efforts of Seoul and its allies, especially the United States, to encourage and help North Korea out of its inter- national isolation through constructive and comprehensive engagement. 
Asian Perspective, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Fall/Winter 1996), pp. 45-89. 

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