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arach.gif a filmy cyan web on a dark blue field 66178 bytes

bay.gif a fiery double-eye swirl on a Prussian blue field 39658 bytes

cave.gif a rainbow cave on a dark blue field 80234 bytes

coil.gif a rainbow spiral on a dark blue field 201646 bytes

dbleye.gif Scilla and Charybdis in shades of blue 62929 bytes

eyeflow.gif a fractal flower in shades of persimmon and blue 87724 bytes

eyepool.gif a crystal pool in blue and orange 189827 bytes

fan02.gif a breaking wave of fans in shades of blue 39263 bytes

fan03.gif a spiral of fans in shades of magenta 67558 bytes

fan04.gif a pool of fans in shades of magenta and orange 87540 bytes

fire.gif a whirlpool of fire in shades of red 78658 bytes

flame.gif a solar prominence 60922 bytes

galaxy.gif twin whirlpools of fire 91349 bytes

gyre.gif a fractal splash in cyan and peach 165021 bytes

gyre1.gif a canyon in shades of cyan and blue 60211 bytes

hook01.gif a blue spiral on a field of Prussian blue 78943 bytes

ice.gif icicles hanging from fractal eaves in blue and white 65150 bytes

ice9-1.gif a pool of Ice-9 in shades of blue and white 94918 bytes

lace.gif Jack Frost on a window in shades of blue and white 62632 bytes

nautil01.gif a cross-section of a nautilus shell in shades of blue 57044 bytes

owl.gif a fractal owl face in shades of brown and yellow 24195 bytes

pool.gif a rainbow spiral on a deep blue field 165294 bytes

reye.gif a hot spring grotto in shades of hazy blue 48411 bytes

ripple.gif a psychedelic vision of vertigo in black and white 189931 bytes

rose.gif a fractal "Peace" rose 90195 bytes

rospir2.gif a fractal garland of roses 20699 bytes

rval.gif a deep space nebula in hazy black and white 40262 bytes

rwb.gif a patriotic spiral in red-white-and-blue 131450 bytes

sea02.gif a receding spiral of bubbles in shades of blue 54646 bytes

sea03.gif a fractal tidal pool in shades of magenta and yellow 159421 bytes

sea04.gif a maelstrom in shades of magenta and orange 89310 bytes

shane.gif an electric spiral in neon green and dark blue 136023 bytes

spir01.gif a cotton candy spiral in shades of pink 98998 bytes

star.gif a fiery and blue nebula 98998 bytes

sunflow.gif a fractal sunflower in shades of yellow and brown 98998 bytes

sus01a.gif a vertigo spiral in black and white 178313 bytes

val00.gif a star forming in a magenta nebula 34952 bytes

wav02.gif a fractal tidal wave in shades of blue 38935 bytes

web4.gif a filmy snow-flake web in shades of blue and white 19928 bytes

web4a.gif the same, watery, in shades of blue and green 137443 bytes

wheely.gif a blue maelstrom in a fractal ocean 93220 bytes

whole.gif a cross-section of a pink fractal agate 78203 bytes

wpool.gif a fractal whirlpool in shades of deep blue 19928 bytes

ZIPped archive of icons used on this page.

The fractal images on this page were generated from the Mandelbrot or Julia sets using Recursive Realm3.0 shareware for DOS from Scott A. Jones of Austin Software Design. The resulting .PCX files were colorized using Deskscan PhotoDesk software for Windows and exported as the non-interlaced GIF87a files listed above.

FRACTINT is the fractal image generator which I'm currently exploring. You should dowload it and give it a try - great stuff! Much more functionality, many more fractal types supported and great resolution and color control.

These files are not copyrighted and may be downloaded and used without restriction of any kind. Just remember where you got them from and tell a friend.

All the images on this page were produced by:

Randy D. Ralph, MLIS, Ph.D.


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