List of English-Taught Courses

Offering dept.:undergraduate program

Course Title:Population, Health, and Security
Instructor:Sue-Wen Lean
Course Description:
A new demographic regime is around the corner for Taiwanese society. It includes the following: the persistence of very low fertility, population aging, and cross-border migration. This course pays particular attention to the implications that these brand new demographic changes would bring about on health issues and human security.

Course Title:Contemporary East Asian Cultures and Societies
Instructor:Sana Ho
Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to provide students the basic ideas of contemporary East Asian cultures and societies from the perspectives of cultural nationalism. This course is a survey of social and cultural patterns in the East Asian societies of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Emphasis is on the shared traditions that define East Asia as a culture area, on the growing involvement of each country in this cultural area, and on the modern formation of cultural nationalism. We will examine how cultural and national identity has been constructed and practiced in daily life through different dimensions.

Course Title:Polish Language and Culture
Instructor:Joel Janicki
Course Description:
Polish Language and Culture is intended as a two-credit, two-semester course to provide students with basic knowledge of contemporary Poland, its customs and traditions as well as to develop communication skills by focusing on conversation, vocabulary acquisition and grammar. Students will be introduced to the geography of Poland, major historical events, important personalities, its major cities and sites of interest, legends, songs, poems, stories, et al. In addition, a section of the course will be devoted to post-1989 Poland, its new status in Europe, its society and youth culture.